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Serving the residents and visitors of Pasadena since 1981.

Always Ready to Respond

The EMS Reserve is a unique unit of reservist Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) within the Pasadena Fire Department.

Our members stand ready to apply their Emergency Medical Services skills and training to serve and protect the community during disasters, special events, and every day life.

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  • Rescue Ambulance Duty

    Providing volunteer EMTs to work alongside paid firefighter paramedics on the Pasadena Fire Department's Advanced Life Support (ALS) Rescue Ambulances.

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  • Special Events

    Providing Basic Life Support (BLS) Emergency Medical Services at large Pasadena-area events. Working in conjunction with firefighter paramedics to provide the highest level of care.

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  • Disaster Response

    Responding in times of wide-spread disasters. Providing a ready-reserve of EMTs to be deployed whenever and wherever they are needed.

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  • Training

    Training, learning new techniques, and polishing old ones to keep our emergency response skills at their sharpest.

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