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The E.M.S.R. is tentatively planning for the next Physical Agility Testing to take place in mid-December 2021.

Physical Agility Test

Candidates interested in joining the EMS Reserve must pass a Physical Agility Test to ensure they are capable of handling the physical stresses involved in being a member of the EMS Reserve. The EMS Reserve Physical Agility Test is specifically designed for the EMS Reserve and is not related or similar to any Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) given to potential firefighters.

The EMS Reserve Physical Agility Test contains three sections, done in rapid succession, designed to simulate treating a cardiac arrest patient at the highest point of the Rose Bowl.

Note: We are always working to improve the testing process. Be sure to check this page often for any changes or enhancements.



Section 1: Rapid Stair-Climb

The candidate must climb 14 flights of stairs in 5 minutes carrying two 20-pound dumbbells. This simulates carrying 40 pounds of equipment up seven stories, which is the highest point of the Rose Bowl.


Section 2: Single-Rescuer CPR

The candidate must then perform continuous single-rescuer CPR on a mannequin for 10 minutes, conforming to current AHA standards for Adult CPR.


Section 3: Barbell Lift

Demonstrating proper lifting technique, the candidate must then lift a 100-pound barbell to their waist, walk 45 feet, turn around and walk back, for a total of 90 feet. This is to simulate lifting one half of a backboard holding a 200 pound patient.


Section 4: Vital Signs

Demonstrating ability to take accurate vital signs, including any or all of the following:

  • Blood pressure.
  • Pulse.
  • Respirations.
  • Breath sounds.
  • Pupil response.
  • Skin signs.