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How to Join the E.M.S.R.

Joining the EMS Reserve is a process with several steps. The goal of the application process is ensure that candidates are capable of handling the profound responsibilities and physical strains of being EMS Reserves.

We are looking for dedicated, passionate EMTs with a commitment to excellence, community and service. We are looking for EMTs who embody the Pasadena Fire Department's slogan of "Desire to Serve - Courage to Act".

Note: We are always working to streamline and improve the application process and testing. Be sure to check this page often for any changes or enhancements to these processes.


Step 1 - Review Our Membership Requirements

The first step is to thoroughly review our membership requirements, and decide if you can meet those requirements.

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Step 2 - Attend a Monthly Meeting

The second step in joining the EMS Reserve is to attend a monthly meeting to get a feel for the organization. The Internal Membership Coordinator, EMS Reserve Coordinator or any other EMS Reserve member will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Step 3 - Submit an Application

If after visiting a meeting and reviewing the requirements you feel that the EMS Reserve would be a good fit for you, you may request an application from the Internal Membership Coordinator.


Step 4 - Physical Agility Test and Oral Interview

Once your completed application has been received, you will be scheduled to attend and complete a Physical Agility Test and Oral Interview. The Physical Agility Test and Oral Interview are generally held on the same day and are scheduled when there are four to eight candidates waiting.

The Physical Agility Test is designed to simulate treating a cardiac arrest patient at the highest point of the Rose Bowl and is intended to ensure that candidates are physically able to perform the duties of an EMS Reserve.

The Oral Interview gives the EMS Reserve a chance to get to know the candidates and to determine if those candidates will be a good fit for the organization and the Pasadena Fire Department.

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Step 5 - Background Check and LiveScan

Upon approval from the EMS Reserve interview board, you will be invited to submit to a background investigation, including a LiveScan fingerprint scan.


Step 6 - Medical Examination

After the background investigation has been completed, you will be instructed to contact your doctor with a form describing the physical requirements of an EMS Reserve and asking them to perform any tests they feel necessary to attest that are you in adequate health to become an EMS Reserve.

The medical examination exists to ensure your health and safety while performing the sometimes strenuous duties of an EMS Reserve.


Step 7 - EMS Battalion Chief Approval

Once the Medical Exam has been completed, your application, background check and medical exam results will be reviewed by the EMS Battalion Chief for final approval.


Step 8 - Complete Online ICS/NIMS Course

All EMS Reserves must complete an on-line course in the Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS).


Step 9 - Receive Uniform

After EMS Battalion Chief approval and completion of the ICS/NIMS course, you will be fitted for and receive your uniform.


Step 10 - Orientation

The final step is to attend a new member orientation.

The orientation will provide you with specific information on what will be expected of you as an EMS Reserve and information on Pasadena Fire Department operations.


Step 11 - Probationary EMS Reserve

Once you have completed your orientation, you will be considered a Probationary EMS Reserve. You will be welcome to work at any special event, but will be limited to which fire stations and shift you may work.

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